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Facial fillers are great for filling in static lines that often form around the eyelids, midface and mouth regions. Static lines represent a loss of soft tissue deep to the skin. Dark circles under the eyes, for example, represent a loss of fat in the upper cheeks and lower eyelid areas.

Fillers can be great for treating these without the need for surgery.  In addition, fillers are very effective in treating the nasolabial folds, or the “parentheses,” that start at the sides of the nose and curve down to the corners of the mouth.  Additionally, they can be used to define the lips.

Dr. Edward Lee, an expert in cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery, will tailor a customized treatment plan to each unique patient, in order to achieve the most natural looking result possible.




Lower Eyelid

Filler Lowereyelids Before.jpg
Filler Lowereyelids After.jpg


Filler Lips Before.jpg
Filler Lips After2.jpg
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