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Cataract Surgery

There are many different causes of tearing.

There can either be an overproduction of tears,

or inadequate drainage of tears. Overproduction of tears can be due to an underlying dry eye that causes reflex tearing, conjunctivitis, entropion, or any ocular surface abnormality. Inadequate drainage of tears can be due to eyelid malposition, previous sinus surgery or facial trauma, previous chemotherapy for cancer (e.g. taxotere), infection of the tear sac (“dacryocystitis”), tear duct stones (“dacryoliths”), or blockage of the tear duct (nasolacrimal duct obstruction).


The treatment of tearing involves identifying and correcting the underlying cause.

Occasionally, tearing is due to a combination of problems, and it takes a specialist to sort through them

and to come up with a treatment plan.


Dr. Lee specializes in tear duct (i.e. lacrimal) surgery and practices state-of-the-art surgical techniques.

He is an expert in endoscopic approaches to addressing the tear duct which leaves no visible scar.

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